Sermon: “Daniel 4:28-37 – “Pride’s Harvest””

Bob Ostenson - 3 February 1980

Daniel 4:28-37 – “Pride’s Harvest”

- “Almighty God is the one who causes empires and rulers to rise and to fall, and they who trust in the arm of flesh, and refuse to depend on the power of Almighty God, and refuse to acknowledge their dependence upon him, he is able to bring low.” - “Humility is the virtue of Christianity, not pride.” - “Is it too late for America? I don’t know. But beloved, we better take time. We better take inventory. And we better be asking ourselves this morning, ‘From whence have we come? From whence have we fallen? Where are we going?’”

From Series: "Daniel - 1980 Dr. O Series"

Series preached by Dr. Robert J. Ostenson during the first few months of 1980 on Daniel.

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