Model of Witness

3 March 2019
Fallen Condition Focus – Many Christians aren’t sure what to say when they have an opportunity to witness to the lost. 1. Biblically Christ-centered witness 3.  Practically relevant witness 4. Fearless witness Proposition – Because…


20 January 2019
Fallen Condition Focus – Misunderstanding leads to mockery. Jesus mocked by the soldiers Jesus mocked by the passers-by Jesus mocked by the religious leaders Jesus mocked by the robbers Proposition…

Not Far

23 September 2018
Fallen Condition Focus - Our sinfulness is greater than we know, and we cannot possibly overcome it on our own.   Proposition - Because we cannot enter the Kingdom of God through…

You’re Done

19 August 2018
Proposition Because God expects his people to be holy, as he is holy, we must live lives of integrity.
I. We must follow Jesus in humble service. II. We must follow Jesus in humble sacrifice. Proposition: Because Jesus came to die as a ransom for many, we, as his…
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