About the Site: rogermccay.org is dedicated to the glory of the living and true God of the Bible and is intended to provide Christian ministry and some interesting tidbits. The site originated due to requests by various people as to where my sermons were posted on the internet. Well… now they are!!! There is obviously more to the site, as I’ve got a whole website now with which to have fun! Expect it to change over time as I play with it. The “net ministry” aspect of the site consists of various sections, including a section with some of Roger’s sermons, a section with some of Dr. Robert J. Ostenson’s sermons, a section with some resource comments and recommendations, and a section with articles I write each month for the “Link.” Interesting tidbits (at least I think they are 🙂 ) exist in the form of posts. Please don’t read too much into the name of the site. It’s kind of like Bob naming his diner “Bob’s diner” – nothing more. Enjoy!!!

About Roger: Roger McCay is an ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (teaching elder/pastor) in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and falls under the Southeast Alabama Presbytery. He currently serves as the pastor of Monroeville Presbyterian Church, PCA (monpres.org) and is a retired U.S. Army Chaplain. His military experience spans 25 years of service (the first 10 years of service in the Field Artillery). He has been in ministry since 2002. His education includes a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sociology from Auburn University, a Masters of Divinity (MDiv) and a Masters of Theology (ThM) in Exegetical Theology and Ethics from Covenant Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry (DMin) from Erskine Theological Seminary. He is a husband and father. He has been a life-long athlete with some marathons under his belt along with a national championship in powerlifting (2012). He currently enjoys beekeeping as a hobby.

Snarking and other such comments: If you comment be nice. This is a site dedicated to the glory of God! I reserve the right to either not post, delete, or ignore your comments, etc.

Disclaimer: Neither the sermons or any other content on rogermccay.org represents the opinion of the U.S. Army, The U.S. Department of Defense, or the U.S. Government in any way shape or form (unless otherwise noted).

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