Thought Blurbs (19 July 2020)

Some thoughts from the 19 July sermon (Dr. O’s thoughts)

 Morally and spiritually speaking, every single one of us has a Plain of Dura.

 When your heart and my heart (figuratively speaking), has its knees bent in prayer to the living God, it’s mighty difficult to bend those knees to golden images.

 Jesus Christ will satisfy your soul like nothing else will satisfy it.

 When you stand firm, and when you seek to honor and glorify the Lord, (just as it was in Daniel 3), one like unto the Son of God standeth with you.

Thought Blurbs (12 July 2020)

Some thoughts from the 12 July sermon.

 He was fully enslaved by the evil one, and he was a useful minion.

 Here, the gospel message was given in actions.

 When someone gives you a gift, you possess it before you even unwrap it.

 The jailer looked upon Jesus, not knowing who he was, trusting in him anyway, and was saved.

 Thus, we are not saved “by faith.” We are saved by Jesus Christ.

 Justification is just one of the many facets of the diamond that is salvation.

Thought Blurbs (5 July 2020)

Some thoughts from the 5 July 2020 sermon.

 Loving our enemies is done by invoking the value of self-giving love through action in concrete circumstances framed with a Biblical perspective on reality that incorporates both seen and unseen realities.

 Prayer was appropriate for many reasons, and in this case was a sound fighting strategy.

 Every ethical action is made within concrete historical circumstances.

 Paul and Silas’ action was made in a historical situation unique unto itself, in which they applied the commands of Christ accordingly.

 Sometimes, doors the Lord opens before us are not meant for us to go through, but for us to help or allow others through.

 What’s best for all is a who—Jesus.

Thought Blurbs (28 June 2020)

Thought I’d single out some thoughts from my last sermon. This could be ongoing. We’ll see.

 The Bible teaches us that love is not love without self-giving.

 Satan’s goal, of course, was to sabotage this value of self-giving love, and hence, God’s mission and name.

 Receiving a benefit from a selfless action does not make that action selfish.

 At times, abdicating our legal rights upholds love towards God and neighbor.

 Sometimes it is necessary to unjustly suffer in order to win the battle against evil.