Revelation Lessons at MPC

Revelation Lessons

By Roger McCay
Monroeville Presbyterian Church

These lessons consist of an 8-part study that I led during the evening service at MPC, and include both slides and audio. These are a good start for a study on Revelation and include various clarifications you might find at the beginning of a commentary.

Lesson 1 – Introduction/Intro to Interpretational Methods part 1 (2021-02-07)

This gives a bit on my background of study on Revelation and begins the lessons on the major interpretational methods people use, starting with the historicist view.

Lesson 2 – A Reformed Covenantal Partial-Preterist Realized-Millennial View Chart (2021-02-14)

Here I present a broad overview of the redemptive historical timeline honing in on the time from the first advent until the the Lord’s final coming. My view.

Handout – The Chart

Lesson 3 – Futurist View (2021-02-21)

An examination of the futurist view of interpretation along with pros and cons.

Lesson 4 – Idealist & Preterist Views (2021-03-07)

A likewise examination of these views.

Handout – The Four Major Interpretive Methods for Revelation

Lesson 5 – The Dating of Revelation – Intro (2021-03-14)

Explanation as to the significance of beginning interpreting Revelation with the correct date. Explanation as to why the early-date (circa AD 65) is correct and the late-date (circa AD 95) is incorrect. The next three lessons expand on this theme.

Lesson 6 – The Dating of Revelation: Internal Witness – The Temple in Rev. 11 (2021-03-21)

Lesson 7 – The Dating of Revelation: Internal Witness – The Seven Kings in Rev. 17; The Beast (666) in Rev. 13 (2021-03-28)

Lesson 8 – The Dating of Revelation: External Witness – Why Irenaeus is not a sound witness for dating Revelation (2021-04-11)