Worship Services for Home

Amid the Coronovirus Pandemic (ACP) of 2020, Monroeville Presbyterian Church (MPC) has postponed our church congregating together physically to inhibit the spread of the virus. Despite this, we continue to worship together in our homes, etc. using the tools available. Posted here are the services, starting 22 March 2020, that we stream online to our congregation (and all who tuned in), at monpres.org. You’ll notice that, due to the nature of the services, there are no hymns included. So, I encourage you to worship with songs and hymns and spiritual songs while worshipping at home with the Lord (Colossians 3:16). If you only want to listen to the sermons, these are posted here: Roger’s Sermons.

This is an abbreviated service broadcasted from the pulpit amid the coronavirus pandemic (ACP) of 2020. Included below are relevant items from the bulletin: Cover Quote: "Wisdom is the power…

Doctrines of Grace

What is TULIP?

You may have heard the term TULIP. While tulips are beautiful flowers, TULIP is an acronym for certain Biblical principles of the beautiful salvation of the Lord: Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace, and Perseverance of the Saints.

Below are a series of articles I wrote for “The Link” newsletter briefly explaining each principle of TULIP:

Total Depravity

Unconditional Election

Limited Atonement

Irresistible Grace

Perseverance of the Saints

The Olivet Discourse


What Did Jesus Say About

The End Times?

Mark 13


Fallen Condition Focus –There is a tendency to succumb to various deceptions in our eagerness for the Lord’s return. I. We must not be over-awed by the false permanence of…
Fallen Condition Focus – The world hates Jesus and that hatred fuels their persecution of his disciples. I. We must be on guard against those who hate Christ. II. We…
Fallen Condition Focus – There is confusion and ignorance about the coming of the Lord. I. We must know the mercy of Jesus from past fulfilled prophecy (vv. 14-23). II.…
Fallen Condition Focus – People get overly caught-up in worldly concerns. I. Because Jesus’ prophecy has been fulfilled, we must “stay awake” (vv. 28-31). II. Because Jesus’ prophecy has yet…

Indelible Grace’s “The Hymn Sing”

Back in the early 90’s I was involved in RUF (Reformed University Fellowship) at Auburn University, and we sang a lot of hymns in the format found in Indelible Grace’s “RUF Hymnbook”  Indelible Grace Website. Years later, I was delighted to find out about the Hymnbook, acquired it, and ended up spending quite a bit of time with my guitar in hand playing a number of the songs just singing my heart out in worship (just me, the Lord, and my cat lol). Here is one of my favorites from the RUF Hymnbook, “On Jordan’s Stormy Banks,” streaming for your enjoyment.

Jesus’ Parables of the Kingdom of God in Mark 4

“With what can we compare the kingdom of God,

or what parable shall we use for it?” 

– Mark 4:30




I. We must follow Jesus. II. We must receive the Word in faith. Proposition: Because the Kingdom of God comes to us through the Word, we must respond to it…
I. The light of Christ is shining bright! We must not hide his light by keeping our mouths shut. II. Because the light of Jesus Christ has been revealed, we…
I. Since the Kingdom of God is a present reality in Jesus, we must live as citizens of the Kingdom. II. Since the Kingdom of God will come with Jesus,…
I. Because the Kingdom comes from humble beginnings, we must be encouraged by the gospel. II. Because the Kingdom of God is the true home for his people from all…

Francis Schaeffer Collection

Francis Schaeffer

Here is a great collection of Francis Schaeffer resources – Francis Schaeffer Collection

From the site:

“Dr. Schaeffer was a Christian theologian and philosopher who, together with his wife Edith, founded the first L’Abri community in Switzerland in 1955. From the 1960’s, until his death in 1984, Dr Schaeffer’s lectures and discussions were recorded as a resource for future students.”

via Complete list of Dr Schaeffer’s lectures & discussions to download