“The Link” Articles

Some articles that I wrote each for the MPC (Monroeville Presbyterian Church) newsletter called “The Link” are posted below. The articles engage various topics of interest (biblical, theological, exegetical, historical), sometimes responding to questions of congregants, and sometimes addressing the situation of the community. Enjoy!

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November 2020: “With God All Things Are Possible”

October 2020: Encouraged by Joy

September 2020: C.S. Lewis on “Why does God allow his people to suffer?”

August 2020: Moving On Along

July 2020: The Gift of Fellowship

June 2020: Count Your Blessings

May 2020: Light at the End of the Tunnel

April 2020: Interesting Times, Part 2 – Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

March 2020: Robert J. Ostenson

February 2020: James Montgomery Boice

January 2020: Interesting Times


December 2019: Dietrich Bonhoeffer

November 2019: Tim Keller

October 2019: Francis Schaeffer

September 2019: Those Who Are Quoted – Intro

August 2019: Physical Touch

July 2019: Acts of Service

June 2019: Giving and Receiving Gifts

April 2019: Quality Time

March 2019: Words of Affirmation

February 2019: The Five Love Languages (Intro)

January 2019: Resolutions


December 2018: TULIP pt. 5 – Perseverance of the Saints

November 2018: TULIP pt. 4 – Irresistible Grace

October 2018: TULIP pt. 3 – Limited Atonement

September 2018: TULIP pt. 2 – Unconditional Election

August 2018: TULIP pt. 1 – Total Depravity

July 2018: Fencing the Table

June 2018: The Truth Project

May 2018: Our obligations when it comes to receiving the preached Word of God

April 2018: Why We Do A Corporate Confession of Sin at MPC

March 2018: MPCs Vision, Mission, and Values Statements

February 2018: Why We Baptize Infants

January 2018: “Lead us not into temptation” – a good translation, despite the pope’s comments


December 2017: Is it wrong to celebrate Christmas?

November 2017: Our First U.S. Thanksgiving Proclamation

September 2017: The “descended into hell” clause – an aberration