“The Link” – June 2019: Giving and Receiving Gifts

Dear MPC Family,

In April I wrote briefly about the love language of “Quality Time.” We looked at how love is often expressed and received by spending time together with your loved one in a meaningful way. We also looked at the concept of the “Love Tank,” put forth by Gary Chapman, and how you want try to keep your loved one’s love tank full by speaking his or her love language in order to maintain a healthy relationship. This month we are looking at the love language of “Giving and Receiving Gifts.”

While at war in Iraq, I spent a bit of time with our battalion maintenance chief, Mr. Alexander, and quite a bit of that time was spent talking about motorcycles. It was in discussions with him, enjoying learning from his wealth of knowledge, that I finally decided on a Fat Boy, which I then purchased while in Kuwait and had shipped to the closest Harley dealership to my house in the States. So, once we were home, having picked up my new motorcycle, I rode it over to his house. Hearing me ride up, he came out and smiled. Then, he ran back into his house, returned with a motorcycle jacket and handed it to me saying, “Welcome to the world of Harley.” A couple of days later, I rode over with Sharon on the back of the bike. Once again, he smiled and ran back in the house. He came out with some Oakley’s that were perfect for riding and then gave them to her, as a welcome to the joy of the road that riding on a Harley brings.

Gary Chapman teaches, “Giving & Receiving Gifts” is a love language—a way of expressing and receiving love. That’s what Mr. Alexander was doing—expressing love for a friend. This can be done for spouses, children, any loved one, really. Gifts can be material items, purchased or made. And then there is the gift of self—being there for your loved one. If your loved one’s love language is “receiving gifts,” be deliberate. If you are married, give your spouse a gift every day for a week. They’ll feel loved, and that’s always good. As Proverbs 21:26 says, “the righteous gives and does not hold back.”

So, if the one you love expresses and receives love by “Giving and Receiving Gifts,” regularly remind yourself that coming up with an appropriate gift for them is very important! It doesn’t have to be something big and expensive. Sometimes it’s just a card that says you’re thinking about them. So, try setting a goal to regularly find, make, be, or do a special gift for your loved one. Make it a priority. Your loved one will love you for it.

In Christ’s love,