15 September 2013

Portrait Characteristic 1 – Mark 8:34-37 “The Cost of Discipleship”

The first in an eight part sermon series on the characteristics of a disciple of Jesus Christ from the Gospel of Mark. The eight characteristics were derived from Hans Bayer's book - A Theology of Mark: The Dynamic between Christology and Authentic Discipleship (P&R Publishing, 2012). This series was also at the heart of my dissertation project.

The eight characteristics that make up this portrait of a disciple of Christ are 1) surrender to God’s will, 2) faith in God, 3) prayer, 4) watching over the heart, 5) being humble, 6) forgiveness, 7) withstanding temptation, and 8) confessing Christ.

For the series there are two goals for those who listen in:

1. To be able to specify areas of your lives where the Lord is prompting you towards fulfilling your calling as a disciple of Christ as part of the Body of Christ.

2. To commit to following the Lord’s lead towards reaching your full potential as a disciple of Christ.

Outline for sermon one:

I. Because Jesus is Lord, we must follow him.

II. Because Jesus is Lord, we must deny our self.

III. Because Jesus is Lord, we must be obedient to him.

Proposition: Because Jesus is Lord, we must surrender to his will.

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