Link to Sermon Manuscript Fallen Condition Focus: Taking advantage of God’s grace I. United in Christ’s death and burial ... II. United in Christ’s resurrection and life ... Proposition: Since…

Sober Thinking

19 March 2023
Fallen Condition Focus - The tendency to think unrealistically about ourselves I. Think soberly about ourselves. II. Think soberly about our relationship to fellow believers. III. Think soberly about our…

Inner Reality

2 January 2022
Fallen Condition Focus - Taking comfort in religiousness, while overlooking the need for the underlying reality I. We must guard ourselves from the pride of religious privilege. II. We must…

A Gift

9 June 2019
Fallen Condition Focus - Many misunderstand the reality that salvation is a gift. I. Because the sacrifice of Christ is a gift, we must respond in faith. II. Because the…


12 June 2022
Fallen Condition Focus: Misunderstanding the “freedom” we have been given, in Christ, by God’s grace. I. We must reject sin. II. We must obey righteousness. Proposition: Because Christians are the only, truly free people, we must submit in obedience to God.
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