God Wins

21 July 2019
Fallen Condition Focus: The world hates God and actively opposes Christians. I. Christians must faithfully share the gospel (17-24). II. Christians must fearlessly share the gospel (25-33). III. Christians must…


17 January 2021
Link to Sermon Manuscript Fallen Condition Focus – A tendency to focus too much on earthly hindrances 1. Irrepressible gospel actions of mercy 2. Irrepressible gospel life among believers 3. Irrepressible gospel proclamation to…

Worthy Over All

26 September 2021
Link To Sermon Manuscript Fallen Condition Focus - Christians distracted from our reality in Jesus Christ I. Christians should live in the reality of a redeemed people. II. Christians should…


19 June 2022
Fallen Condition Focus: Not giving much of a consideration to one's mindset when it comes to spiritual things.I. We must know if our mind is of the flesh. II. We must know if our mind…

Water Into Wine

28 May 2023
Fallen Condition Focus - Failure to be obedient to the bridegroom. Proposition - Because Jesus is the bridegroom, Christians (his bride) must live in faithful obedience to him.
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