God Wins

21 July 2019
Fallen Condition Focus: The world hates God and actively opposes Christians. I. Christians must faithfully share the gospel (17-24). II. Christians must fearlessly share the gospel (25-33). III. Christians must…

Anchors in the Storm

10 January 2021
Link to Sermon Manuscript Fallen Condition Focus – Desperation during the storms of life 1. Take hope in light of God’s provision 2. Encourage others in light of God’s provision 3. Act…


12 June 2022
Fallen Condition Focus: Misunderstanding the “freedom” we have been given, in Christ, by God’s grace. I. We must reject sin. II. We must obey righteousness. Proposition: Because Christians are the only, truly free people, we must submit in obedience to God.


21 May 2023
Fallen Condition Focus - We Forget. I. We must diligently study the New Testament. II. We must diligently study the Old Testament. Proposition - Because remembering keeps us safe in…
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