State of Grace

2 May 2021
Link to Sermon Manuscript Fallen Condition Focus – Overwhelmed by the struggles all around I. Christians should rejoice in our future hope. II. Christians should rejoice in our present hope,…

The Death of Jesus

27 January 2019
Fallen Condition Focus – Jesus’ death on the cross has become humdrum. 1. Jesus’ love for sinners 2. Jesus’ atonement for sin Proposition - Because the Son of God died…

Like a Child

8 July 2018
Because the Kingdom of God must be received like a child, we must humbly come to the Savior in our helpless state.
Proposition - Because Jesus makes his people one, we must live in unity before the world.

Where is the Love?

24 April 2016
I. We must obediently wait to see his coming glory. II. We must obediently love one another. Proposition - Because Jesus is glorified in Heaven, we, as his disciples, must…
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