Set Free!

24 May 2020
Link to Sermon Manuscript Fallen Condition Focus – False teachings can lead to discouragement, even for believers.Proposition - Because the gospel encourages the people of God, we must live holy lives, as ones who are truly free.

A Gift

9 June 2019
Fallen Condition Focus - Many misunderstand the reality that salvation is a gift. I. Because the sacrifice of Christ is a gift, we must respond in faith. II. Because the…

Not Far

23 September 2018
Fallen Condition Focus - Our sinfulness is greater than we know, and we cannot possibly overcome it on our own.   Proposition - Because we cannot enter the Kingdom of God through…
I. We must follow Jesus in humble service. II. We must follow Jesus in humble sacrifice. Proposition: Because Jesus came to die as a ransom for many, we, as his…
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